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Our Recipes

Our Recipes

When you look at a Dinner in Real Time recipe, you will notice that it looks different than most published recipes. Each recipe includes the entire menu, laid out in a table with ingredients in each step on the left, and instructions about what to do with them on the right. This format is easy to track when you are (inevitably) interrupted during your cooking. All recipes are either naturally gluten free, or they are accompanied with a short note on how to make them gluten free.

New Cookbook

20-40-60 Minute Dinners

Whether you only have twenty minutes or an hour—or something in between—you can deliver a delicious entrée and side dish to the table with these quick, easy, and crowd-pleasing recipes. Organized by “available time” rather than by “kind of dish,” this unique cookbook is designed to help the time-conscious cook with dinner planning.

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