Here is the list of easy gluten free meals that I have planned for this week. I apologize for being so late with this week’s post, but I thought I would go ahead and post it in case someone wants to get a head start on next week!

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Monday 1/15/24—Gluten free pasta with lamb and sauces

A garlicky yogurt sauce drizzled with browned butter really was the crowning glory of this dish. I followed the recipe in Melissa Clark’s “In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite” cookbook. It was good but a bit too meaty and fatty for our taste, and despite my best cajoling my kids still aren’t crazy about eggplant. Some abhor it outright.

So, next time I will make a Bolognese sauce, with lamb instead of beef, like the one here Quick & Easy Spaghetti Bolognese – Erren’s Kitchen ( I’ll top it with an easy yogurt sauce made by stirring a pressed garlic clove into a cup of Greek yogurt and ¼ teaspoon salt. Then drizzle the whole thing with a stick of butter that you have browned. The yogurt and browned butter were so good with the lamb. Make sure to use gluten free pasta, obviously.

Tuesday 1/16/24—Grilled chicken skewers with peppers and roasted potatoes

I could make a dinner of just roasted potatoes, but the other things are nice too. Potatoes are nice and naturally gluten free. I purchase pre-cooked grilled chicken skewers at Costco. They are gluten free and are a great quick dinner centerpiece. I featured them in this camping recipe on my blog last year and decided to include them again. Quick Teriyaki Chicken Skewers – Dinner in Real Time

Start with the potatoes because they take the longest to cook. Preheat the oven to 450-degrees. I like to cut gold potatoes into ½-1-inch pieces and toss them with oil before spreading them on a greased baking sheet and sprinkling them generously with salt. Roast for 20-25 minutes. While the potatoes are roasting fry a sliced onion and a couple of peppers to go with the chicken. If you have kids who hate cooked vegetables, reserve a few peppers to serve raw. Reheat the chicken according to package instructions.

Wednesday 1/17/24—Tinned salmon tacos with mango salsa

Tinned salmon tacos with mango salsa. These were so good! I found a recipe at a blog called Balancing Bowls Canned Salmon Tacos – Balancing Bowls and it was a good jumping off point. I used two 15-ounce cans of salmon, which is 6 times what was called for, so I increased other ingredients proportionally. You can use frozen mango for the salsa, a good option for those of us not living anywhere near the tropics.  Make sure to use warmed corn tortillas to make these gluten free.  

Thursday 1/18/24—Tofu and chickpea curry with gluten free naan

Honestly, this recipe needs to be reworked. Unfortunately the one I chose was fine but my kids were not crazy about it. I will be back next quarter with better news!

Friday 1/19/24—Sushi rolls and miso!

This will be a treat on a really kind of dreary winter evening. I included this recipe in my cookbook 20-40-60 Minute Dinners: Meals To Match the Time You Have. If you are making sushi gluten free you just have to be careful to use gluten free sauces. Soy sauce and all of the other lovely Asian sauces that contain soy sauce are often a hidden source of wheat. Also, make sure any surimi (fake crab) you use is gluten free. This is often made with flour.

Saturday 1/20/24—Refrigerator Dinner or scrambled eggs and toast

Waste not, want not!

Sunday 1/21/24—Gluten free Mexican restaurant sides

I love the refried beans and rice, and chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants, so I have designed a dinner to feature them. It is one of my favorites. This dinner is not quite as quick and easy, so I make it on Sunday when I have a bit more time. Here is my recipe: Mexican Restaurant Sides for Dinner – Dinner in Real Time

I hope that you have a great week of cooking! Let me know if you are following along!