Are you looking for gluten free meal plans? If so, you are in the right place. I have planned a whole year’s worth of gluten free dinners and am excited to share them with you here! Check out the recipes and links below for inspiration in your own gluten free meal planning!

Monday 1/22/24—Gluten free tortilla soup

I included this recipe in my cookbook, 20-40-60 Minute Dinners: Meals to Match the Time You Have. It’s available here Cookbook – Dinner in Real Time and I will be posting recipes from it on the blog! To make this gluten free, make sure to avoid grocery store deli cooked tortilla chips, which could be cooked in contaminated oil.

Tuesday 1/23/24—Gluten free tuna-noodle casserole with green beans

You can find my recipe for this easy dinner classic at this link: Tuna Noodle Casserole – Dinner in Real Time Make sure to use gluten free noodles an avoid any canned cream soups. These often contain wheat flour as a thickening agent.

Wednesday 1/24/24—Gluten free salmon teriyaki

This very fast dinner is a great option for a busy night when you aren’t sure how dinner will fit into your schedule. This is a real problem when you are gluten free because most fast food is full of gluten and not an option, so you need recipes like this. Superfast Salmon Teriyaki – Dinner in Real Time

Thursday 1/25/24—Gluten free goulash-style red beans with homemade noodles

Homemade noodles are easier to make than you might suspect. If you are gluten free, then a really lovely noodle is a real treat. Check out my recipe at:  Goulash-style Red Beans with Buttered Noodles – Dinner in Real Time

Friday 1/26/24—Gluten free butter Chicken and naan with rice and raita

This is definitely on my top ten comfort foods list! Getting to have gluten free naan is a real treat. I love this dinner and am looking forward to sharing the recipe on the blog this week.

Saturday 1/27/24--Refrigerator dinner

Waste not, want not!

Sunday 1/28/24—Gluten free roasted salmon, green salad, gluten free cornbread and honey butter

This dinner is straight out of a summer backyard barbecue, and I am longing for summer! Despite the snowbanks outside, I can have my little summer dinner within and maybe think about my garden for next year. This recipe for roasted salmon is similar to how I do it: Oven Baked Salmon Recipe – Easy, Healthy w/ Lemon & Garlic ( To make gluten free cornbread, simply substitute a ready-mix gluten free flour blend (Bob’s Red Mill One-to-One is my favorite) for the flour in your favorite cornbread recipe and use gluten free cornmeal.

Have a great week!